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I had problems with this button assy. I couldn’t reset my oil change light, and some of the buttons ceased to function, or I had to press really hard to get them to work. I couldn’t find anything on getting this assembly fixed or replaced, especially not for cheap. I couldn’t find any repair instructions on this site or on any other….. So after figuring out how to repair it myself, I thought I'd post a "How To" it in case anybody else wanted to do the same without spending a mint. I hope this hasn’t been put online someplace cuz this took a while to do.
The problem child

“If” I have to explain how to remove this assy out of the dash, you prolly shouldn’t be trying this repair yourself. Once you have this taken out, turn it over and pull it apart and get to the circuit board.

Careful with the connectors, I found mine had a pin bent over by somebody that wasn’t paying attention. This electrical connector was a little bit of a pain to reconnect. The pins wanted to push out of the plastic connector. Also note the missing light bulbs, apparently somebody decided it was easier to remove a trouble light than to fix the problem.

Back of the assy

Cover removed, the PCB or "Circuit board" is held down by some plastic clips around the perimeter.

Check out the six little buttons, they call ‘em TACT switches, these are your targets.

Turn the board over and check out the solder points, It doesn’t look factory because it isn’t. When I took this pic I had already replaced the switches. You can order the switches on Amazon or from many electronics stores. They have 4 pins, and the simple function of the switch is to connect one side of the circuit to the other. The switch installation is dummy proof. There is no way to install them wrong. The distance between the posts makes it so you can’t screw this up. (REALLY….. if it fits in the holes without much force, you have it installed right), If you are not familiar with desoldering and soldering on circuit boards, Check it out on You Tube, it isn’t that hard with a little practice. Take apart any electronic trash, and practice. Buy some desoldering wick, flux, a $10 soldering iron, rosin core solder, and you’re ready to go. Put some flux on the switch’s prongs and then tin them with some solder. Clean the PCB “circuit board” after you remove the old switches and add some flux to the solder connection points. Push the new switch all the way down and solder them back in.

If you have never used this before, look up on U Tube.

These are the new switches, about $5 with shipping for 10ea on Amazon. Here is a link to the switches I bought on Amazon.
If the link doesn't work or is outdated, then do a search for "6x6x5mm TACT switch" and you should be able to find them. The 5mm measurement is how tall it is. The switches are pretty common so this repair could be done on other items that use this style of switch as well. Just measure the bad switch’s Length, Width, and Height in Millimeters and find the same size replacement switch online or at an electronics store.

Be careful with the photo sensor wires, they break easy like this one did. If it does, fix it the same way you do the switches.

A flux pen is a big help here and on the switch holes. Remember to clean off the flux residue from the board with alcohol or a specialty cleaner after your repair. It's an acid and will eventually damage the components if not removed. After you solder in your new switches you can test them out with a Voltmeter/Ohm meter

That’s all there is to it! You just saved yourself around $200

Corrections/additions to improve this write-up were made with help from members, and will continue to be updated as needed.

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Cool. I bet it didn't take too long to do either.
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