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From Another C3 Forum:

"My tree-hugger wife accidentally filled our 69's tank with diesel. She had pulled up to a pump that could pump gasoline and diesel and had a momentary brain fart. Thinking "green" she chose the green handle diesel !!! After she took off it began smoking then missing and within one block it quit running. She had it towed to our house and now I'm wondering how much damage the diesel could have caused. The engine is a recently rebuilt 350" with new Edelbrock aluminum heads and intake but is otherwise stock. She told me the tank was about half full when she filled it so it has maybe 7 to 8 gallons of diesel in it. What do you experts recommend"?

The diesel didn't cause any damage other than fouling all of the spark plugs. You need to clean or replace them and then siphon the gasoline/diesel mixture out and dispose of it somehow. I suggest calling one of your local truck dealerships and ask them if they'll take it because they have to dispose a lot of used oils. They might charge you $20 but it's far better than dumping it alongside some country road late at night.

Your fuel line and carburetor are also filled with gasoline/diesel so you have to get it out. You can turn your carburetor upside down to drain its fuel bowl(s) and after putting fresh gas into the tank you can spin your engine over to pump about a quart of the gasoline/diesel into a coffee can or ? And tell your wife to never use the green handle nozzle again.
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