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From Another Forum:

"Valve stem seals seem to go bad about every 10 years".

This comment was recently made by a respected "Geru" who posted it without giving it much (if any) thought. Was he referring to umbrella type seals that grip the valve stems or positive type seals that fasten to the valve guides? Was he referring to seals that haven't been sold yet (aka "shelf life")? Was he referring to neoprene, nylon, or Teflon seals? And was he referring to valve stem seals on engines that are only driven a few miles on summer weekends or on engines that are driven 500 to 600 miles a week?

I have found the (neoprene?) umbrella seals found in Fel-Pro small block Chevy gasket sets crumble and fall to pieces in about 18,000 to 20,000 miles of limited daily use (like 10 miles X five days a week). That's why I spent $40 about 50 years ago for a valve guide cutting tool and only use positive Teflon seals:

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