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I am conflicted.
I have liked Corvettes since I was a little kid, always wanted to own one. flat for sale in mulund
However, as I aged I figured out that there is a certain... stimga that goes along with owning one, its either "there goes mid-life crisis man" and while im not quite old enough to be in that boat, I am pretty damn close (Im turning 30 this year).
The other stigma is that other Corvette guys get insanely upset when you start modifying them, my uncle being one of those types of guys. new projects in dadar
I recently found a C5 Corvette with a shade under 80K miles for sale at a local Chevy dealer, its silver, a one owner car and has the 6 speed manual, they want 12K for it. I am extremely tempted to pull the trigger on it because it looks fabulous for its age, and clearly was owned by someone who only drove it on the right kinds of days.
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