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Two very special Corvettes will be auctioned during the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Las Vegas, September 24th, 2010. Both are model years 1981 and in pristine condition, but they each have different homes. Here are their stories:

Over the course of 27 years, more than 600,000 Corvettes rolled through the assembly plant in St. Louis. The factory closed in 1981. This is the very last Corvette built in St. Louis and is marked with a hidden plaque, which was installed in the car's right front fender well to designate the significance of the vehicle as an "End of an Era". This pristine vehicle has just 44 miles registered.

In June of 1981, Corvette production was transferred to Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is the first car built at the new plant and was driven off the line by Kentucky Governor John Y. Brown to commemorate the beginning of a new era in Corvette production. With just over 14 miles on the odometer, this vehicle is certainly in mint condition.

The proceeds from the sale of these two pieces of Corvette history will benefit the Ralph Braun Foundation, which provides accessible transportation for individuals who cannot afford it. Ralph Braun, who donated the vehicles, is the CEO of The Braun Corporation, the leading worldwide manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vehicles. Braun is a wheelchair user himself and has collected rare and unique vehicles for several decades.

They will sell on Friday night, prime time (LIVE SPEED TV)

Lot 373 – VIN 00001 (14 miles )
Lot 373.1 VIN 31611 (4 miles
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