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Helpful Tips: Changing Spark Plugs

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I found that there is nothing easy about changing spark plugs and wires on my 94 coupe.

Helpful Tips: Changing Spark Plugs
1) To make the job go easier, I purchase a new 3/8" ratchet, with flex head and 10" handle. It really made a difference in the tight spots. Send me a personel message if you want the know brand and part number.
2) Don't be afraid to unbolt things that are in the way. Why fight it. In the long run you'll save time.
3) On the "other" Corvette Forum, there was a long debate over using anti-sieze on the spark plug threads. There's no debate! Apply a light coat of anti-sieze the the threads. Or risk the chance of freezing a sprark plug and Heli coil repair.
4) Spark plug torque: Consult you owner's manual. For tapered seat spark plugs on mine; 11 foot pounds is required. I did use a torque wrench. To give you an idea of what this looks like; hand tighten until the plug seats, then about a quarter turn tighter. Caution: over-torque will result in stretched threads on aluminum head and difficulties for next removal.

Next discussion. Changing the spark plug wires. It's ridiculous what has to be done.
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The Left Side is easy on changing plugs, the right side sucks !.......Plug Wires !! I cut them off @ the Boot end @ the cap ...To Replace They Go on the top of the engine ! Problem Solved !:1sm258fight:
Changing spark plugs

Although this may look like a PIA, it's really not. What I did was to remove the front tires an inner fender wells. You can get at almost all of the plugs with a spark plug socket, universal and a 12"+ extension. The hardest one was the #8 cyl near the A/C unit. I just fed a spark plug socket on to the plug and used a box wrench on the hex of the socket. This one took a bit longer to do but the whole job from start to finish including putting the wheels back on only took me an hour and a half.
One more thing if you plan on keeping the wires and not changing them out then invest $5 in a spark plug boot removing tool. It is a screwdriver
looking thing with a semicircular end to wrap
around the boot at the bottom so you are not tempted to pull from the wire end.
Reaching in to remove the boot was a cinch with this. It will be money well spent.
Keep up us posted as to your progress.
Good luck
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Picture of flex head ratchet

Tool Cutting tool Tool accessory Hand tool

Picture of flex head ratchet. I'm finding that this new tool is really useful.
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Flex head ratchet

Yes I agree this is one tool to have in your arsenal.
Good investment. I also found at harbor freight a 3/8 ratchet, with a t-handle on the end. By turning the t handle you can turn he socket without moving the main ratchet handle. Great for real tight places.
Yes I have this one too and it is very useful, or might I say exceptionally versatile. I'll post a pic of the one I mentioned earlier as soon as I can locate my camera.
I never would have gotten my right side headers on without it...

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