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Hi, trying to cleanup original parts around the windshield and interior. All screws are out of the: Chrome T-Top trim over the center bar, chrome trim over the windshield (****pit side) and the corner chrome trim that holds the sun visors.

I had no problems taking off the rubber, and trim on the windshield side posts although there was a thin sticky seal under them and against the side posts.

The Chrome trim I mentioned at the beginning of this thread does not want to pull off and there looks to be some sloppily applied black sealant around the edges at the top of the side windshield posts. My main goal is to remove the outer trim that runs along the top of the wind shield to inspect and clean all the others.
I believe all this is original and has not been messed with. Would heating them up with a hairdryer soften any sealant that may be holding it down?
I have not found any videos that are step by step to show how this is done. Any instruction, tips, videos that will help will be greatly appreciated !
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