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Good afternoon and I apologize to start. I do not know where to turn and looking for advice, contacts, anything to help.
I have waited all my life of 51 years to own a Corvette. When the C8 came out, I was sold and had been saving forever. In December 2020, I got on the wait list at my dealer. Finally, after 17 months, my order was going to be finalized and ordered. I picked up my 2023 on June 29, 2023. It was the best thing I had ever spent so much money on! I loved everything about it. Now my heartbreak…
On August 3, the SERVICE POWER STEERING light came on. I took it to my dealer. I HAVE NOT SEEM MY CORVETTE SINCE… It’s been sitting in the shop waiting on a part, 87828685, some type of gearbox. Here is where it gets bad. The dealer cannot tell me when the part will be available (it is NOT a microchip of any sort). I have an open Case with GM and here is my update every week: “No New information is available, we continue to escalate.” And keep in mind, the Kentucky Corvette factory is producing my same 2023 Corvette for the last 8 weeks using this same part.
Here is the kicker, the GM case customer care line, never returns call (I’m serious)! They call around 8am ever Thursday to deliver the message above. I have tried to escalate through my case rep and it never gets me a Manager or Supervisor, they have never called me back. I have tried multiple routes through different GM phone numbers and every time they end up routing me right back to my case rep who is as unhelpful as usual. Imagine the frustration of having the dealer AND GM giving me the run around for over 8 weeks and no end in site for their premier Corvette. I cannot get a live person to be accountable. Even a date of when the part will be available is helpful.
I appeal to anyone on this forum – do you have any suggestions, direct contacts at GM (or the Corvette team) that might take me serious and help? I have an open case w/ the BBB and that has done me no good (same case rep).
I love my Corvette that I used to have, anyone taking the time to read this, send me contacts at GM AND beware of what might happen to you… Trust me, I have had many issues in my life w/ various products and services, and always found a solution (and usually quickly). I am at a loss of how this can even happen at a company like GM.
Thanks for reading, and appreciate in advance, any advice.
Derick Smalling
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