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Help! Launch control!

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I have a 2013 Grand Sport. I've looked in the owners manual, I've read online posts. Can anyone please explain to me how to use this feature? For some reason when I turn the TC button to stabilitrack mode, push the clutch in and shift into first, and then floor it, it jumps to 4500 RPM instead of the preset range. And then it just roasts the tires (very expensive tires) when I dump the clutch. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks.
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Push the button in order to enter Competition mode. Have the car level, wheels pointed straight and at 0 MPH. Floor the throttle, the RPMs will jump to 4200-4600 RPM depedning on what the computer decides is optimal after factoring the ambient temp and intake air temp and then settle within that range. Side step the clutch and keep the throttle floored. You will spin but it is quite differnt to spinning without LC engaged. You will here the motor adjusting the tourque levels and controlling the wheel spin.

Watch the video and enjoy :driving:

Thanks...I'll watch that video. I think Im doing it right but I still get quite a bit of wheel spin.
I guess Ive been doing it right. It just seems like it has a lot more wheel spin than I was expecting
I just got a new 13 and Launch control was one of the reasons..but then I remind myself that my tires are 400 bucks a pop!lol.
I can't launch up at 4500 rpm and have anything but spin city. Takes more skill and practice than I have. At the track about 3,000 rpm on the stock runflat tires was all I mastered.

Realistically on the street, I can take off at 2000 - 2500 and leave most cars in the dust and rarely do I even try more than 2500. With the MN6 and 3.90s I get into the power band pretty quickly. 2500 won't win much at the strip, but I'm not on the street looking for stoplight races either.
get rid of the runflats.. they are too hard and will not grip, if you just change the tires when you need too hopefully you will not need the runflats
^^^Agree on dumping the run craps. I have nitto invos. Better than than stock but not enough grip for the power. At this point, a driver mod would do more good. :driving:
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