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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I've come across some interesting parts and I'm looking for some help identifying one of them. My dad's friend had these parts in storage for a long time. His dad used to have a Corvette years and years ago. Unfortuantely, my knowledge on older Corvettes is limited. The drums are NOS, they're still in the GM boxes albeit with some mouse damage to the boxes. Based on my surfing, I think they're RPO drums for a '57, '58, '59. I included a pic of them and the cerametalic (I think) pads. My question is about the other suspension pieces. I'm not sure what they are. This guy's dad used to field an Indy car a long time ago. So, maybe they aren't even Corvette. But they were in the same storage chest as the drums and pads. Any help in identifying these pieces would be appreciated.

I put the pictures on Flikr...
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I needed to do it this way because I couldn't figure out how to post a picture here.

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