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Help decals!

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Thinking about putting grand sport style decals on my c4. Anyone who has it done on a black c4 or any color please post pics! Also tell me if I have to look out for anything. And if the adhesive with damage the paint on my car if I decide to take it off.
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Have not put any of those stripe decals on, but if you later decide to take them off the paint will be a different shade. The sun fades your paint, noway to get around it if you drive it during the sunny days. Depending how much & if a cut & buff will take it out depends on a lot of variables.

I would leave it alone. Jmho.
Your right the color shade difference makes sense. My friend is going to put them on his 95 blue, i'll see how they look and if I like them I'll take a chance. Thanks for the help!
the decals can be removed with a simple hair dryer or heat gun..but Twisted is correct, if they are on for a significant time, there will be discoloration ..the surrounding area will fade
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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