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Hello, I live with my beautiful wife in Flintsone GA.
This past weekend I swapped my '66 Mustang for a '76 Stingray. The Vette is in poor shape but when I set in the drivers seat something sparked in me. After a test drive which proved it had no issues as far as running well I had to have it.
When I got home my wife come out to see it. First thing she asked-"can you grin any bigger?" second thing she asked, after checking out the ratty interior-"does the heater work?" Still smiling (some what) I answered "I have no idea" shortly after I was yanked back to reality and thought, this is going to take alot of work. Anyhoo, since I am a Corvette no nothing I'll be asking alot of questions. I've also noticed that every tiny part is a bunch of money on these and the little voice is saying mabey your in over your head. But I guess Rome wasn't built in a day. Btw the heat does work (sorta).

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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