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Hello from N. Georgia

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Hello, I live with my beautiful wife in Flintsone GA.
This past weekend I swapped my '66 Mustang for a '76 Stingray. The Vette is in poor shape but when I set in the drivers seat something sparked in me. After a test drive which proved it had no issues as far as running well I had to have it.
When I got home my wife come out to see it. First thing she asked-"can you grin any bigger?" second thing she asked, after checking out the ratty interior-"does the heater work?" Still smiling (some what) I answered "I have no idea" shortly after I was yanked back to reality and thought, this is going to take alot of work. Anyhoo, since I am a Corvette no nothing I'll be asking alot of questions. I've also noticed that every tiny part is a bunch of money on these and the little voice is saying mabey your in over your head. But I guess Rome wasn't built in a day. Btw the heat does work (sorta).

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My Vette aint exactly what you'd call smoking yet but it'll get there someday.
Ain't nuttin' lika Vette. Welcome.
Welcome aboard... any questions or advice needed, just post it in the C3 gen discussion section.. we have lots of members rerady to help if you need it.
Welcome in,start the fun.:thumbsup3:
Thanks for the welcomes. the C3 forum is where I'll be. I'll post some pics of what I have in a couple of days. And, if anyone is around our area feel free to stop by. We don't bite!


Welcome and Congratulations!! You won't be sorry you made the switch.:thumbsup3:
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Thanks Vettegirl ! Even though the Mustang was in good enough shape to take some awards in local shows, I was never as thrilled with it as I am with my ratty looking Vette.

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