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Greetings from the desert. (Phoenix area)

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Hello all
Twenty three years ago I wanted a Corvette. My wife was 6 months pregnant and we went with a 1973 Trans Am instead. We still have it btw. Our daughter has finished up at ASU and my time for a Vette has finally arrived. Now I'm the owner of a 2006 Monterey Red coupe. I love the way it handles and drives. After only a week I can see it's a new world. Just getting it up on ramps to change the oil is a challenge. The smile factor makes it all worthwhile. I'm looking forward to being a member and absorbing all the advise I can get.
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Welcome to the Forum. Monterey Red is a GREAT color. We have friends out in Fountain Hills (not Corvette owners, though).
Welcome :thumbsup3:
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