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Good Car Cover

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Hi everyone. Well, i'm onto my 3rd car cover. The first one was a cheapy from Walmart and ripped quickly. The 2nd was a black and red cover from Corvette Cover. Cost about $249 but faded about a week later and returned. The one I have now was about $99 from Amazon but is starting to tear. Why do car covers only have grommets in the center of the car but not in the front or the back? When I just tie the middle, the wind blows the front and the back off. The tearing of the 3rd and current one was actually caused by a tarp clip that held firmly but the cover ripped around the clip. What car cover has grommets in the front, middle, and back? Does anyone have any ideas in keeping my car cover on from the wind? Thanks, Ed.
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The ******* in me will tell you get a garage. The reality is I'm with you on this, because I like many am too poor for a garage haha!

So, my suggestion to you is this: Make your own grommets. I'm pretty sure they sell the metal eyelets so you don't tear your fabric. If you cannot find them, try getting some large washers, drill holes through them so you can bold them together on each side of the fabric, then you can hook your bungee cord or whatever you use to hold the cover on.

You can try hot gluing them together, but I'm not sure they'll hold on the fabric in high winds and your cover may tear. Be creative, there's a million ways to skin a cat.
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