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Well, it's been a busy 2 months for me and my 84. Just a bunch of normal replacement parts and pieces. Started with the Intake Manifold gasket back in late December. That kind of kick started me in to action. Since then I've installed new plugs, wires dristributor cap, coil and internal guts, K&N Air Filter, fuel filter, new TPS and IAC. 4 new BF Goodrich g-Force Sports (LOVE these tires!!!!) and 4 new Bilsteins for the Z51 suspension (the shocks were TOASTED!!!!). Needless to say, feels like I'm driving a different car today.

Over the weekend, I dove into what I thought was a bad heater core, but before I started tearing the dash apart, I spent some extra time near the firewall and the hose connections. I noticed what appeared to be a wet area. So on a hunch, I replaced both hoses to the heater coil. No more antifreeze smell. Hoping this was my issue. At least I have the new heater core and I'll probably go on and replace it on a warmer day! But for now...I'll just RIDE and enjoy it!

That is all! Hope everyone is having a good week!

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