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Full detail: '08 Lexus RX330

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Here's another great job by Chase!

I always love these jobs. This is the wife, of the client I did the Cayman for. GREAT people, and they've seen what my hands can do. This is her daily driver, and I think they'll order up a polishing package in the summer, but for now it was just a wash, clay, sealant, interior job. I'm always very grateful for return clients like this, and furthering our relationship. I went to the client's house for this one, here's how things went down:

On to the pics baby! Arriving on the scene:

Lettin' the DWC & APC get right down to work:

Engine bay before:

Washed & Blow dry:

Always check this area during a wash. The lugnut brush is used for MANY other areas than just lugs:

All done washing:

Ready for a pool rinse, let the car help dry itself:

Hittin' those fender wells before moving forward, in case any overspray gets on the car, I have a few steps after, to remove it.

I don't dry the car beforehand, when I clay. Any water left on the car after rinsing (ALWAYS DO THIS IN THE SHADE OR GARAGE) acts as lubricant for when I clay, and then I use the Great White Drying Towel to absorb what's left behind. I took this pic, so you can see all the dirt and junk left behind, EVEN AFTER a wash, absorbed into the towel. This is after just the roof.

I always like to dress all areas with SVRT & In/Out Spray BEFORE I apply my LSP or do my IPA wipedown, because I'll remove any accidental messy areas, in the steps to come. Here's a 50/50 of the rear step pad, after 1 coat of SVRT:

Buttoned up after 3 coats absorbed:

Engine bay afters:

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Tire & Undercarriage afters:

Wiper cowl & roof rack:

Since I didn't do any polishing, I moved right into the IPA wipedown. Again, you can see what I've picked up in the towel. This is after half the vehicle has been wiped down. Just another crucial decontamination step, before sealant is applied.

Moved on to scrubbing the interior:

Super clean creme leather baby:

Final exterior shots:

Thanks for reading!! Holler if you have any questions!! :)
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Can you explain why the alcohol wipe down is necessary? What exactly does it do?
Can you explain why the alcohol wipe down is necessary? What exactly does it do?
It ensures that any let over polishing oils are removed before moving onto the next step, especially if you are going to be applying a sealant.

It's not an absolute necessity, but once it becomes a habit, it's just another quick step for a little extra insurance. :)
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