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We are doing free shipping on everything we offer that is from PFADT Racing....

We also created a section dedicated to PFADT Racing Products for the Corvette and Camaro.

If you have not seen the new Johnny O'Connell Stage 2 Black Package, you gotta check it out. Just released...

All our PFADT Corvette Products are located here....
PFADT Corvette C5 Products
PFADT Corvette C6 Products
PFADT Corvette C6 Z06 Products

If you have not ever tried PFADT products on your Corvette, you are really missing some serious improvements to your handling. I installed the Competition Sway Bars on my Z06 test drove it and then put on the coilovers about a month later. Let me tell you, you do not really know what body roll is until you no longer have it :) With the sway bars alone (first mod I would recommend for anyone, most noticeable bang for your buck) I was made into a believer and then just had to see what difference the coilovers made.

Complete swaybar writeup is here
PFADT Swaybar Review

Check all our PFADT Products at the link below
PFADT Racing Products

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