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FOB no being recognized C6 2005 Auto

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Have a question... maybe someone can help me here! My Vette is not detecting the fobs. I just bought all new antennas, including the main receiver and it still isnt picking up any fob. Something is interfering maybe? The onbly thing I can think of is the aftermarket alarm. I took it to the Chevy Dealership and they didnt want to disassemble the alarm basically they didnt fix anything and couldnt give any explanation... Its an 05 Vette Auto Trans. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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let's start with the obvious. Have you changed the fob batteries in the last few years? They can die in as little as 4 years.
That was my first thought too. I've got an '06 and just replaced the batteries in the two FOB's for the second time. I'm getting about 3 years out of them.
1. Some info appears to be missing. How did you get the vette to the dealership and back home? No fob usually means you are locked out of car and of course, can't start it. If it let you in, did you need to insert fob into glovebox slot to start it?

2. Other fobs, cellphones etc can interfere with the start button fob detector. I have that happen on occasion; when I do, I take the fob out of my pocket and hold it close to the start button.

3. If the instrument pods are not stock (replaced by color matching ones, carbon fiber ones or leather ones), it's possible that the starter button was not plugged in correctly or tightly.

4. Beyond that, the starter solenoid may need replacing.

P.S. I once bought a package of two new fob batteries; one of the new batteries did not work.
I had a similar problem with an aftermarket alarm system on an 80s BMW that I bought used. The alarm would randomly lock out the starter even though it was disarmed. Eventually I disabled the alarm.
With the above comment in mind, who installed your aftermarket alarm? Maybe you need to approach them for the solution.
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