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First time Auto-cross [VIDEO]

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Hey guys,
So at the Kerbeck Toys for Tots Corvette Run today and I did my first ever auto-cross... Let me know of anything I can improve on if you see something!!!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that made the T4T run a success... I look forward to it every year and the new additions, such as this year's Auto-cross makes it so much fun!

I will get my pics and other videos edited from the event and put them up hopefully tomorrow or sometime this week!
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Bet it was a ton of fun.

I want to be a Cone Killer!!! :1sm258fight:
It was addicting!!!!
I know the feeling, when I first went to the 1/8th I told myself I'd only do a pass or 2 since my C4 has alot of miles on it. I think I ended up doing 5 or so.

I bet auto crossing is even funner. I've got one coming up, I just hope the C4 doesn't crap out by then.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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