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I am offering a Speed Demon 650 cfm Carburetor, including the feed line (shown on the pictures) and original instruction sheet for proper installation, setup and fine-tuning. The carburetor is fully functional, in mint condition. I'm upgrading to a higher flow carb. The carburetor details are listed below. Priced to sell. Feel free to ask any questions.

The carburetor is presently being sold on ebay.

No need to buy on ebay. Any offers can be sent by PM also.

I am located in Europe, the shipping fees will be calculated accordingly to buyer's location. Local pickup available to save on shipping.

Carburetor details:

Demon #1282010 Carburetor, Speed Demon, Gasoline, 4150, 650 cfm, 4-Barrel, Down-Leg Boosters, Mechanical Secondary, Ford Kickdown, Dual Inlets, Each.

The Speed Demon series is the most formidable performance street carburetor available today. It features the most advanced design manufacturing processes that provides street enthusiasts with racing carburetor technology in a very driveable package.
Across the range of sizes, the Speed Demons deliver balanced, high-velocity airflow and exceptional fuel metering capacity to match the fuel requirements most street engines.

A Speed Demon carburetor is ideal for muscle cars, stock rebuilds, tow trucks, mild performance applications and crate motors. They are designed for 393 to 477 cid engines and mild 427 to 455 cid engines with cam profiles between 220 and 240 degrees duration at 0.050".


* Billet Baseplate with new Idle-Eze™
* Billet Metering Blocks
* Four-Corner Idle Circuitry
* Large Capacity Float Bowls
* Large Glass Float-Level Sight Windows
* Power Valve Backfire Protection
* Integral Hi-Flow Choke Tower Housing
* "Quik Release” Non-Stick Gaskets
* Vacuum Fittings

* Most common tuning parts interchange
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