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whats my best option for dual mode exhaust on my 2013 c6?
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What options are you looking for?
There is a mild-to-wild controller that allows you to open and close the dual mode when you want.
You can buy the Z06 mufflers used if you watch for them. They fit the base C6 with an M6 with no problems. There may be minor tweaks to get the Z06 cans to work on an A6 car. Add the mild to wild controller and you're set.

The NPP mufflers (dual mode option on the the base C6) are harder to find. You can buy them new from GM Partshouse or Scoggins Dickey (sp?) at prices typically less than local dealers, but shipping costs may wipe out the savings.

There are aftermarket brands that have a bi-mode feature. They are typically a bit louder in the closed mode than stock. They can be pricey, but some people really like the sound and think it is worth it. A popular kit is the B&B fusion:
Thanks for the info. I fixed the exhaust problem,i traded it in and got a Grand Sport.
Expensive exhaust upgrade. :coffeetime:

Enjoy the new ride.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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