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As many of you might know about 2 months I moved from Sacramento over to Benecia. Long story short, I move into the house and didn't bother to notice the large lip to get into the driveway and my car is so low! There is no way this car was going to into the garage without tearing off the lower part of the body.

So I searched high and low and came across McCarthy Steel who manufactures these curb ramps that are mde from recycled tire rubber! So I'm able to get into the driveway and doing something good for the environment by supporting this company
Here is some text they provided me with to share with you all, down below are some photos that I took.

"Curb Ramps take the bump out of your driveway! They act as filler ramps for the end of your driveway thereby creating a smooth approach onto your driveway from the street. By removing the jolt, they eliminate damage to your vehicle's front end suspension and save low clearance undercariages from draging and scraping. These ramps are removable and allow for water run-off to pass underneath them, they are made from tough recycled tire rubber and are resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil and temperature. Each curb ramp removes three tires from landfill so you will be "going green" every time you use your driveway."
For more information or to order click here:

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