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Dorman Threw Us A Curve

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I had to replace the seals in my left front caliper this morning and found Dorman is now making a new style outer dust seal. It has no exposed metal and it MUST be pressed in all at once with an arbor or hydraulic press.

Many years ago I made a dust seal installation tool out of a 1-1/4" pipe cap with a washer welded to it. The washer centers the tool and the outer O.D. is the right size for pressing the outer dust seal in.

To help get the piston/seal assemblies into the bores I used a stainless steel ring specifically designed for the purpose. The stainless steel rings for the front and rear seals are available through E-Bay for about $20.

To help prevent the outer dust seals from popping out I always paint their O.D.s with Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket.


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