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Doors wouldn't open or long delay opening

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The other day I tried to get into the car and couldn't open the driver's door. I finally pop the trunk with the remote and use the door release. Passenger side open but after several tries. I was able open both doors from inside the car no problem. The door indicator LED both blink twice when I would press the touch pads, telling me the door was unlocked.
I didn't think it was the FOB battery but change it anyway since it was four years old. It didn't help.
I also disconnect the battery to reset the computer, no help. So I remove the driver side touch pad and notice one of contact pin was corrected. So I remove the six screws on the back and saw that the circuit board was half copper and half black. I used some scotchbrite and WD and was able shine them up and I clean the contact on the rubber pad. I reinstalled and noticed not only did it work. there was no delay in the door opening. The door never open that quick even when I pick it up from the dealer!:banana:
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Great fix. Amazing how much crap can build up over the years in a sealed unit. FYI a new replacement from the dealer is under $20. But Hey, $$ saved.
My car is doing the exact same thing right now! Going to go out to the garage and try this right now... thanks!
Thanks I have the same problem..will have to wait till its warmer to clean..
Good information. I've always had more of delay opening the driver's door verses opening the passenger's door. Thanks.
I do this from time to time on my wifes car and on mine only I use electric contact cleaner and a pencil eraser very gently. They then work like new.
Great info! I just cleaned both switches on my 06. I used "never dull" to clean and polish the contacts and then put a tiny skin coat of dielectric grease on the brass contact surface to hopefully prevent future corrosion. My door switches work great now!:banana:
Contact Points

>>> Since only owning my 07' for the past several months I've had no reference point regarding door locks. I cleaned the areas discussed and although the door locks did work >>> they clearly work better now.

Thanks for the tip >>> Bob :thumbsup3:
Clutch Bleed

Hello! I have a 08 Zo6 that I just got. The clutch felt odd so I checked the fluid-black and lots of a gooey stuff in it. I used a small hand pump and sucked it out, then I refilled , pumped the clutch about 20 times, sucked it out and refilled, pumped again and the improvement was dramatic. I took it to the dealer to have it checked and bleed-but-they could not access the bleeder on the slave because the headers are in the way! Anybody have an idea of how to get to the slave cylinder with out removing the headers?
My drives door does not open most of the time. took it to the dealer and was told it is not that switch but the actual opener (solenoid?) that is the problem. I order the replacement parts ($350 parts and labor) but it sounds like that may not be the problem. Any ideas?
DUDE ,don't trust them @#$% at the Stealership , as you just read, it's a simple fix. give it a shot. If it don't work OH WELL, If it works $350 in your pocket.
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