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Dash lights

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One of the dash lights burned out, so I decided to replace it. I have a bunch of single Blue LED bulbs left-over from when I upgraded my Jeep, so I decided to try it. The sockets are different as they don't use 194 for these bulbs. So I hit Orielly Automotive and picked up some sockets (4). The single LED's looked okay in the Jeep, but too dim for my baby. So I have some 360 deg brighter ones on order. The lens is Yellow, so my Blue lights come out Green, but I really like the different look. I'll post some pictures when they arrive.:coffeetime: Anyone else changed their's?
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Halogen bulbs create to much heat and over time ruin the digital cluster and sockets if the wattage is to high. Never go over 5 watts. Also, GM went to Xenon bulbs in 1989 for the heat problems. They are a much cooler bulb and last much longer. Suggest going to Xenon bulbs in 1984-90 cars.
post 7 (must need 10 to post pics:coffeetime:)

The Volts is still the old style bulb, the rest are the LED. Much brighter and crisp. Much happier and helped out an American company at the same time. Win-Win. I went with white, the colored ones were about half as bright and was afraid of the outcome.
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Halogen bulbs create to much heat .
The LED's the OP is using are not halogen ; run cold

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