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Dana 36 to Dana 44 Conversion

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Just got my new 383 HSR built and putting out 492hp. Built the 700R4 up pretty solid and now I am moving on to the rear! I have looked in past threads and could not find what all has to be done for the conversion. For sure the diff and batwing and the driveshaft and ladderbar? Not sure what all i need to aquire to make the swap happen. Also what years of the batwing diff and ladderbar will mount my 700r4 and bolt up to suspension? Thanks for the help!
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I would think the driveshaft will need to be shortened, since the 44 is about 1 inch longer, and there may be some bolt hole modifications necessary.. if you can t find a 44 batwing, I m told there is an adapter plate to use with the 36 batwing .. the Dana 44 is certainly stronger, but do not think that it is indestructible..I have a Duntov Built Dana 44 in my C3 behind a 525HP /383., 700r4...4 years now and its still together, but I do not run slicks, ever!.. good luck.
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