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I'm got rid of my car, so I'm selling my beloved Kinesis K28's. These are some of the rarest wheels you'll ever see on a C5, and my all-time favorites. Of all the sets I've seen, I only know of one other set for certain that were specifically designed to clear big brake kits.

These wheels are 18x10" front, and 18x11" rear. They were specified with brake clearance in mind. They will clear a 14" StopTech or Brembo six piston kit with tons of room to spare (no spacer). They have a black center and satin grey lip. The fronts weigh about 20lbs., and the rears about 21lbs. Again, these are custom wheels, so they don't require any centering rings or spacers. The fit is also perfect of course.

They are in very good condition. They were only used on the street, and have very few scratches or chips. Two of the wheels have small nicks near lug holes, and one of the rears has the tiniest bit of curbing. These flaws are pictured in the gallery. Two of the four wheels also have ghost splash marks on the satin lips. I've tried to photograph them as well as possible, but it's hard to see when standing next to the car. They look like faint, dried water splash marks. At some point I drove through something that splashed on the wheels and left those marks. Fortunately they are localized to a small section of each wheel. As I said, when standing next to the car they're tough to see. I never once had anyone mention it to me.

The tires are Toyo T1R 275/35/18 and 295/35/18. The fronts have plenty of life in them, but the rears are done. I do have one almost new matching spare rear tire that I'll throw in (tread pictured in the gallery). I bought it right before I decided to sell the car.

These wheels were over $5,550 new, and the tires another $1000+. My price is $2500 shipped. That's a fair price for some of the rarest custom wheels out there, with ideal fitment for the C5, designed to clear a BBK.

I couldn't drive the car anywhere without people commenting on it, and I think the wheels were a huge part of that. They look very exotic and expensive, and there's no mistaking them for lesser wheels.

Also, I will not separate the wheels and tires, so don't ask. It's much safer to ship the wheels wrapped in rubber, and I don't want to risk hurting them without the appropriate boxes.

The wheels are located in Charlotte, NC.

I do have some detailed pics. Shoot me an email at [email protected] for a link (I don't have enough posts on this forum to insert links and images...I do frequent a few of the other vette forums).

Thanks for looking.:cheers:
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