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Hi everyone,
Please help, trying to figure this out. So far, I haven't been successful. My car is an 82 corvette with crossfire intake and only has 72,000 miles. Nice car!!

I've changed almost everything pertaining to running the engine, like wires, plugs, even TPS and other sensors. The only thing I haven't tried, is the fuel pump & fuel injectors on this crossfire! (I have new injectors with a rebuild kit ordered and will be in my possession soon)

This is the problem and how it runs after about 5 miles of driving -- up until then it's running fine.

While driving at a normal pace 25-30mph, all of a sudden, the Engine is hesitant and has "Small" surges back & forth as if the transmission has a problem. That's it!
Funny thing about this, if I floor it, it takes off and doesn't act funny!! But then when I go back to driving slow again it acts the same.

Any suggestions what this could be??

Allen w/82 Vette in FL
I also have an '82 and what you're describing is normal. When you start it it's in the "open loop" operation which means its oxygen sensor hasn't reached its minimum 390 C operating temperature. While you're driving along at 25 to 30 mph it finally reaches that minimum 390 C temperature and there is a noticeable "stumble" as it switches to closed loop operation. The first ECM's made around 80 "adjustments" per second so they were crude when compared to the several hundred adjustments per second of modern ECM's.

Another really annoying feature of the '82's was their torque converter locking when they hit 3rd gear at about 25 mph. By installing an aftermarket HyperTech chip it'll only allow a 4th gear lockup at around 45 mph. I have 35 years of experience working with these CrossFires so if you need more help e-mail me at [email protected].
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