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Cost of puttng side pipes on c3 corvette

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I do not own a c3 corvette, but hope to own one soon! I was wondering the price range of putting sidepipes on the car?
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that depends on what type you want...Hooker Header type with large tubes or original equipment style sidepipes with covers ..
what does it cost to treat the burns on your legs ? :z1-2:
I would go for the cheapest option, love the look of the c3 with the side pipes! Lmao I hope the cure for the burns is cheap.
cheap and sidepipes don t go in the same sentence..and yes the pipes get hot.. I ve still got a few scars fom way back when I had Thrush Alum sidemounts on my 66..the Hooker Header type is usually less than OEM types... OBX is probably the cheapest..
I've got Hooker ceramic coated. They still will burn you. You can get a guard that straps to the side pipe that wont' get hot thus you won't get burned.
what does it cost to treat the burns on your legs ? :z1-2:
Thanks for the replies! I have some thinking to do.
You may find a C3 for sale that already has the pipes on it. :thumbsup3:
I bought my OBX stainless sidepipes off o eBay for $599 without any inserts.
Vettepack inserts were $350ish
Stainless heat shields $550ish

Same price with shields as the Hooker brand sidepipes and reverse flow inserts without shields.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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