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Corvettes of Miami Club. Florida.

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Hey all, I will be posting this in different generation threads. If you don't like it, ignore it please, don't give me no sh*t for it :watching::thumbsup3: I am well aware there is a club/event section to the forum. For ease and less disturbance to the general forum, PLEASE PM ME if you'd like to seek more info.

For anyone that lives in Florida, mainly in the South region(Though we have members ranging from all over) I am inviting you to check out our Club. I am throwing out this offer not because we want more members but because as Corvette owners and enthusiasts we would like to share our passion with you. We are a non-profit club.

At the end of the day we strive for quality rather than quantity. It shows because the members that have remained have become great friends. We understand that not everyone will stay for various reasons.

We like to provide a stress free family/friend oriented, easy going atmosphere. Let' s face it, like getting into a relationship, we aren't looking for problems. Strictly having a good time!

We have members ranging from young whippersnappers like myself to old farts (dear goodness, yes I'm running with this one LMAO, I do expect to get my butt handed on this)

Our events range from Car show Cruise ins, eat outs, long distance cruises to events. Charity events. Friends/Family related dinners. Available track time/High performance driving events(you can also look to getting certified) You name it, we may do or have done it. We even hosted an End of the World cruise in, no one came though due to lack of correct information.

It is not free to join, though you can stop by an event or club meeting to get your opinion. Neither is it expensive to join, at the end of the day it's money well spent. We have various venders and sponsors that you can get deals with. Those $70 or so can go a long way.

There are several ways to follow us, including:

TO SEEK info and or REGISTER. Visit our site:


Or follow us on Twitter:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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