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Corvette Hood Light Mercury Switch

If you are the owner of a 1977-1996 Corvette and your under hood lamp is not functioning; you may be able to repair it instead of replacing the entire unit. The C3/C4 Corvette Under Hood Lamp Mercury Switch, available from Zip Corvette,*is located in the base of the bulb socket; and is only visible when the light bulb is removed. It will be apparent, upon inspection of the socket/assembly how the switch should be removed and replaced. Pay close attention to the direction in which the bullet-shaped end of this switch is installed. A mercury switch works on gravity; so, when the hood is opened, the metal liquid flows (inside the housing) and completes the circuit. If the switch is re-installed in the wrong direction – it will not make proper contact and the light will not turn on. This quick fix may just brighten up your Corvette’s engine compartment when you really need it.
By Larry Shattuck – Zip Sales Representative

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