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Corvette Vanity Mirrors

Sunvisors for 1978-1982 Corvettes have a unique mounting characteristic to them over any other style sunvisor offered through the Corvette years. What 1978-1982 owners will learn with the lighted-mirror in the passenger-side sunvisor is the door which is opened/closed to turn the light on and off will eventually break away due to poor design. The “hinges” will get brittle from extreme heat or cold and will fall off the mirror housing. Most owners will go back to a standard Corvette Sunvisor with no lighted-mirror option because that mirror door will (one day) break away again. For those who want to keep that factory look you will have to remove that broken mirror assembly by pulling it away from the visor. *Two bushings seated into the visor grasps the studs from the backside of the mirror assembly. Check those bushings, too! The teeth on the bushings are fragile and over time they will become brittle and disentigrate. Zip Corvette offers 1978-1982 C3 Corvette Vanity Mirrors (with the door) and electrical harness ready to just snap right back into that existing visor. Five generic colors are available: black, dark blue, doeskin, oyster or red.

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