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C4 Corvette Steering Wheel

Don’t you hate it when you sit in a really nice 1984-1989 C4 Corvette and place your hands onto the steering wheel only to find that it is dirty or worn out? Or better yet it has one of those cheap steering wheel covers on it from one of those local “auto parts” stores. You know… the one we get our wax from! The fact is, your Corvette’s steering wheel suffers from the harsh effects of UV sunlight and while it may have been supple leather in its glory days, now it seems there is more black leather on the floor than the top of your wheel.*This doesn’t have to be your C4! Zip Corvette has new reproduction C4 Corvette Steering Wheels that include leather wrapping, padding and stitching as original.

Installation of a new C4 steering wheel from Zip is easy, just slip off your Corvette’s horn button, horn contact and telescopic pawl and you will have direct access to the 13/16” nut holding the steering wheel in place. Use of a steering wheel puller will aid removal and keep you from damaging your Corvette’s steering shaft. Reassemble in reverse order; torquing the steering wheel nut to 45lbs. Once reinstalled your early C4 Corvette is like new again.

Oh, by the way if you own a 1984 or 1985 Corvette and have the “slim” design steering wheel, this is a perfect time to upgrade to the “fat” 1986-1989 design. When installing on a 1984-1985 Corvette, the Horn Button & Horn Contact must be updated as well. This will look great and be a nice addition to the interior of your Corvette. Let Zip Corvette “steer” you in the right direction when it comes to Corvette parts for your C4 Corvette.
By Andy Young – Zip Vice President

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts
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