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Corvette Instrument Panel Knee Pad Repair Kit for 1997-2004 C5

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Has the lower dash on your C5 Corvette seen better days? If the plastic mounting tabs on your lower instrument panel knee pad are broken, you’re probably dealing with a loose panel and a seam on the lower dash that is an eyesore.

Your first thought may be to replace the entire panel – but have you priced a new GM panel lately? A new panel will set you back nearly $300 and they’re only available in limited colors. For certain, GM will be discontinuing these Corvette Parts within the next few years and then your Corvette’s interior will be stuck with its original.

Zip Corvette has the best fix available for your C5 interior – and it won’t set you back a few hundred bucks. Our new C5 Corvette Instrument Panel Knee Pad Repair Kit will restore your Corvette’s instrument panel in minutes and keep it from hanging down in your way. This custom designed aluminum reinforcement will make your Corvette’s panel better than new – bridging the broken plastic to provide a new mounting pad for proper installation.

To install the reinforcement, simply place it over the stock alignment stud, drill 3 holes with the specially sized and supplied bit (the reinforcement serves as your jig with its 3 pre-drilled holes) and install the 3 specially sized screws and nuts through the reinforcement. Your repair is now complete and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new knee pad.

Purchase online at Zip*Corvette Parts

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