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C4 Corvette Gas/Fuel Door Emblem

Nothing looks worse on a new paint job then old, worn-out or faded Corvette emblems. But what happens when new emblems aren’t available? Back in the “good ole days” guys would paint their original emblems Chevrolet red, white and black… but in the mid 70’s the emblems changed and painting them was no longer an option, nor was it desired. After all, no real car guy wants to sit down with a finger nail brush to paint an emblem.

Thankfully new reproductions are available and one of the more recent GM licensed emblems to become available from Zip Corvette is the 1984-1990 C4 Corvette Gas/Fuel Door Emblem. Installation of the emblem is simple, it just attaches to the fuel door lid with self-adhesive tape and speed nuts on the bottom.

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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