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Have you rebuilt your early Corvette shifter only to find the same problems banging gears? Or are you installing a new shifter and need help making sure the shifter linkage is properly adjusted? Zip Corvette has a simple tool that can make a shifter linkage adjustment easy. These Corvette 4-Speed Shifter Linkage Adjustment Tools allow you to set the proper distances and locations for your Corvette shift mechanism while installing it. Zip Corvette offers these tools for 1957-1962 Corvettes with Borg-Warner T-10 transmissions (part # ST-404), 1963 BW & Muncie transmissions (part # ST-405) and 1964-1981 Muncie and late Super T-10 transmissions (part # ST-406).

On 1957-1963 Corvettes the alignment block is inserted in the top of the levers. Locate the shift fork levers on the side of the Corvette’s Transmission in their neutral positions. Install the shifter without any rods attached. Insert the block with the groove over the tab and into the slots at the top levers. Once all are in position you can hook up your shift rods and begin any fine adjustments you may need to make.

On 1964-1981 Corvettes with the Muncie or late 1970’s T-10 Corvette Transmission the procedure is slightly different. The alignment tool is a small metal plate inserted into the side of the shifter levers. Begin by locating the transmissions lever in neutral. Locate the small slot in the lower portion of the shifter levers. Slowly insert the plate through the slot and through each of the shifter levers. The plate will not come through, but instead will bottom out once all the levers are aligned. Once all are in position you can hook up your shift rods and make any fine adjustments that may be needed.*These tools prove invaluable when installing a Corvette Shifter, allowing you to quickly and easily get your Corvette shifting smoothly again.
By Tom Richardson – Zip Sales Representative

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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