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I was filling my tank at the local Valero station this morning when two Chinese women approached me and asked me what year my Corvette was. I think they were tourists because my area is flooded with tourists from all countries heading up to see the giant sequoia redwood trees in the national park 26 miles up the highway.

Speaking in very broken English they asked me if they could take pictures of my '71 and I said "sure". After they took pictures I invited them to take turns sitting in my driver's seat while the other took their picture. They readily took me up on my offer and I made their day. Two very happy Chinese tourists.

Right after they left a car with 4 young German men pulled up to get gas and they immediately surrounded my '71. They asked me what year it was and if it was okay to take pictures of it. I said "sure" and lifted my hood so they could see 460" of high performance American muscle. All of the foreign countries have limitations on their engine sizes so for them to see 460" of engine was quite thrilling. They too were heading up to the national park to see the giant sequoia redwoods.

I get compliments every time I take my '71 somewhere as it seems everyone loves these old chrome bumper C3's. As luck would have it I just happened to wash my '71 before I took it to get gas so it looked pretty good (on the outside).
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