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Complete: 2003 Corvette Z06 (Patriot Wax Inside!)

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Our man Mook killed this one!


I recently had the opportunity to polish out a 2003 Corvette Z06, with the help of my friend Randy. Let's begin!

The car showed up not filthy, but needing a wash. The interior only needed some touching up. The car did have a few swirl marks that would prove to be a real head ache for Randy and myself, but rest assured, we got them. Just a few deep scratches left. This also would be the first time I would use my own personal Patriot Wax on a customer car.


The Products:

ALSO USED: Adam's Project Patriot Wax
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The Process:

As with anything I am fortunate enough to bring into the Studio, I always start with Wheels, Tires, and the Engine.

Here you see the new Adam's Trim and Lug Brush getting some work in on these sexy wheels.

After opening the hood, I determined that I could take care of this without water, and help preserve the really nice air cleaner that was mounted up front. Shut the hood, and got out the foam cannon!

After getting the Vette pulled inside and dried off with the Master Blaster, it was time to touch up the wheels and dress the tires with Adam's Super VRT. After that, I took the opportunity to get the Exhaust Tips in order.

The Exhaust Tips were addressed with a combination of Adam's APC, .0000 Steel Wool, Adam's Metal Polish #1, Adam's Metal Polish #2, a Cordless Drill, and Adam's 4" Focus Metal Pads. Adam's Single Soft Towels were used for residue removal.

A couple in progress shots.

Once those parts were taken care of, Randy and I began to Clay the Vette. Think it needed it?

Not many in progress, polish shots were taken, as time wasn't something we had a lot of. Rest Assured, after the new polishes and the Flex machines got to play, this paint was smiling from ear to ear.
(no glaze or wax at this point)

Before we commenced with the Patriot Facemelter, we felt we should hit the interior real quick for a mat vacuum, and quick wipedown. The forthcoming Adam's Total Interior Detail Spray made quick, quick work of the already pretty clean inside.

We then popped the hood, dry cleaned the engine with Adam's Edgeless Utility Towels and Adam's APC. Dressed it all up with Adam's In and Out Spray.

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Not telling the customer or Randy that I planned on pulling out The Patriot for this job, I made sure to spring it on them all at once! We laid some Adam's Brilliant Glaze down on the paint with the Flex3401 and the Red 7" Pad, wiped it off, then began the stellar experience of Patriot!

I have been using this wax in some form since, well, a LONG time. This part of any detail for me is PURE THERAPY. The scent, my reward for a job well done, the excitement of pulling it outside for pictures...all of it.

Some shots before we took it outside. All Glazed and Waxed up.

When I saw this, I knew the pictures outside were going to be pretty cool!

Let's take this outside...

WOW! Look at those tips!

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Fine. Here Dylan. Sheez.

Thanks for stopping in everyone! Truly a pleasure working on this! Thank you Randy also! Dude it's great working with you.

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wow, you really are an artist! the before and after is nothing short of incredible.
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