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Greetings, new member here; I have been on the CF for a long time, but not much help over there.

I am working on a '92 6spd, bone stock except for aftermarket stereo. I'm hoping you electrical gurus can help me out. Here's what I know:

1. Car won't start - CCM code C41 Loss of serial communications
2. Module 4 (ECM) displays Err, so does Module 9 (EBCM)
3. C68 climate controle flashing LED - code 10, UART failure
4. A/C 5AMP fuse under hood (under the coolant tank) blown. Noticed it was blown after the no-start, replaced it, blown again; not sure when it originally blew.
5. Per the FSM on CCM code 41, have determined the serial data line (CKT 800) has a short to ground. I have disconnected ECM, EBCM, CCM, C68 and still have short to ground. Can even verify by jumping ALDL pin 'M' to ground.

Anyone know if the A/C fuse blowing is connected to this serial line short? I'm assuming it is. Where should I start looking for this short, any usual suspects to start with?

If not, I want to try disconnecting every component that ties into the serial data circuit to eliminate suspects. I plan to remove the following:
- A/C programmer
- I/P (speedo/gauges)
- All the whiskey from my bottle to ease this pain :food-smiley-019:

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One thing I can tell you for sure is the blown AC fuse is causeing the flashing on the controls. Your owners manual will tell you how to reset that but sounds like you have a short or a vats problem.
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