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Clutch slave replaced at 14k miles

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I am the third owner of a 2005 vette and at 14k miles the clutch fluid was leaking and the clutch slave needed to be replaced. Obviously this cost a lot of $$ and now after about 200 miles on the replacement the clutch fluid is almost black. I also noticed that when pressing in the clutch at low rpm in 1st gear I hear a clunk. I don't think I had this before. Any suggestions on:
Why the slave would need replacement at only 14k miles
Why the fluid is now almost black at only 200 miles on the replaced slave
Why I am hearing a clunk at low rpms
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The C6 is pretty notorious for having the clutch fluid turn black quickly when driven hard. I clean mine out every few thousand miles and if I'm ragging the car hard such as 1/4 mile runs, more frequently. This provides a great overview of the problem (watch the video) and a simple to do fluid changes.

I don't know why you get a clunk in 1st gear. It's in the clutch and not the shift itself?
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