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Clear coat on wheels?

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I’m wondering if my 1982 Collector Edition Corvette has clear coat on the wheels? I just purchased her and she was delivered on Monday! I am absolutely in love with her! I have been clearing on her to make her shine to her full potential but the wheels have been a little tougher than I would like 😢. There’s like a firm on them in some places but not in others. I have ordered flitz metal pre clean but haven’t received it yet. So please help me
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That looks like clear coat that's coming off. When I got my '81, the rims were nasty. There's a guy in Kona who restores rims for a living so I took them to him and he made them better than new and clear coated them so they'd stay that way longer. I was a bit surprised at the clear coat, but he told me that most polished aluminum is clear coated to protect it.
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