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I need some help finding a skip.
After I changed the oil and filter and went for a short drive engine developed a bad engine skip. I mean really bad – sounds like a John Deere farm tractor. Pulled the codes and got:

U1096 H – Lost Communication with IPC
U1064 H -Lost communication with BCM
U1016 H – Lost communication with PCM
P0300 H C – Detected engine skip

Car had been driven several thousand miles with no issues. Skip just started while driving down the interstate at about 75 MPH.

The car specifics are:
2000 Coupe / A4 – 40K miles
LS6 intake
BBK Headers
Corsa Indy Pace Car with X pipe
Ported/polished throttle body
Z06 airbox with K&N filter
ECS tune
Scanner says P0305 – Skip on #5 cylinder.

I have done the following:
-Cleaned the MAF and double checked for intake leaks.
-Checked for vacuum leaks with starting fluid and propane torch. No Leaks.
-Swapped #5 & #1 injectors.
-Swapped #5 & #2 coils.
-Swapped #5 & #3 plug wire.
-Swapped #5 & #4 spark plugs.
-Cleaned all electrical connections and grounds.
-Cleared all codes and did a test drive.

Skip still there and it still skips and throws the same P0305 code.

I am at a loss and need HELP. Where do I check next?
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