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C6 exhaust help?

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I just recently bought a 09 C6 and I havent really done anything to it except a K&N induction system. I want to leave the car mainly stock but I do want to but some good sounding exhaust on it and I am not sure what will sound good.. I was thinking about electric cutouts just because when I want to rev it up i can but when I am criusing I can have the quiet exhaust that came on it. Does anyone have any suggestions to a good sounding exhaust that sounds good but is not too loud?
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Is it an automatic? If so, most aftermarket exhausts may give you more drone than you want regardless of the exhaust or brand. A lot of people like the Corsa Sport as a nice balance between sound/power/drone. As far as the dual mode, you might be able to find a used take off that will save you some money.
My 07/A6; Corsa Sport W/Xpipe. With out a doubt, Around town with the paddle mode i can make her gergle to the point that will turn anybody's head. On the highway you won't even know it's there. Shop around, i got mine with free shipping to my installer (2 days) and a $100 gift card i used on a set of Weather Tech floor mats for $17 bucks.
Quite when cruising and loud when you want is the optional NPP exhaust or the the Z06 exhaust. That plus a mild-to-wild controller. you can sometimes find them used from guys "upgrading" to loud aftermarket exhausts or buy new from GM.
Just remember you cant buy any exhaust from prior year Vette's,they won't fit.They changed something about the pipes in 09.
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