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C6 Corvette Center Console Door

If your C6 Corvette’s Center Console Door has started to look a little worn; or maybe it no longer functions properly with regard to the latch; you might be interested in replacing or upgrading to an embroidered console. Zip Corvette can supply a new (original-style) center console door that is a genuine GM accessory. These doors have the C6 Corvette Emblem embroidered on them; and are offered in the following interior colors: Cashmere, Ebony, Varsity Red, and Titanium Gray.

Installation of the console door is very easy. 4 screws hold the door to the hinge on the console. *You open up the door and remove the screws that retain it (save the screws). Then align the new door with the hinge/latch and re-install the screws. There is an instruction sheet included with each center console door and it shows that the screws should be torqued to a value of 18 lbs. However, in the absence of a torque wrench; this operation could still be completed, and the torque checked later.

In addition to this console upgrade, Zip Corvette offers several other C6 Corvette Interior Trim pieces such as emblems, knobs and related parts that can add a personal touch to your C6 Corvette’s interior. Since the console door is central to the interior of your Vette, matches the color, and also has the colorful C6 emblem; it would be a great starting point to upgrading your interior.

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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