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Hey there I have a 2002 C5 Auto and i just had Fortress Performance out of Ft. Worth Texas Install a Set of Kooks Long tubes and then build a complete 3" mandrel bent exhaust with v-band out the back to some corsa tips.

I used swap out my factory H without cats for my factory with cats I'm keeping the stock system but no longer have the need for the " Off Road" h-pipe. It will fit and C5 i think . If anyone is interested please let me know i'm thinking around $120 OBO as it cost me $200 to have it dropped cats cut out welded up and re-installed they did a great job and i've never had any leaks. Sound great on a stock mufflers or aftermarket not really loud. but you can definitly feel the power differance.( recomend a tune if you want the best performance and spark plug life) will pop a SES light if you don't on a stock car install. Not trying to push it on anyone just don't want it collecting dust in the attic.

I tried to upload a picture but i have not made enough post. pm me and ill get you a pic via email.
Thanks matt
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