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Corvette CV Joint Boots

Though they may not seem like much your C5 or C6 Corvette’s Inner & Outer CV Joint Boots play a key role in keeping your Corvette on the road. They are prone to cracking or splitting, which can have multiple negative effects on the drive-ability of your Corvette. Besides allowing contamination into the CV joint itself and causing premature wear of the bearings, cracked CV joint boots allow grease to be slung out of the boot, which can saturate your Corvette’s Brakes. *This would not only cause an increase in braking distances but can also ruin your Corvette’s brake pads and rear rotors. If you have replaced your Corvette’s rear brake components or upgraded to performance brake pads & rotors, you know that brake rotor and pad replacements can get very expensive.

Until now the only sure way to avoid damage from bad CV joint boots was to replace the expensive CV axle shaft, which comes with new inner and outer CV joint boots. With the recent addition of our C5 & C6 Corvette Inner & Outer CV Joint Boot Kits you can now replace your Corvette’s CV joint boots without spending hundreds of dollars for the entire axle shaft. We have inner and outer CV joint boots for all C5, C6, Z06, Z51, Grand Sport, & ZR1 Corvettes. Each kit includes one inner or outer boot, clamps, & the correct amount of grease to replace a single boot.

Purchase online at Zip Corvette Parts

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