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After spending 4 days trying to troubleshoot my blower wheel's LOUD noise problem I finally discovered what was happening. The blower wheel was hitting the edge of the plenum's opening at the 10:00 o'clock (as viewed from the front) position. And I also discovered the original 3/8" spacer was the correct thickness.

The depth of the plenum is 3-1/4" so the blower wheel needs to extend into the plenum just short of that. 3-1/8" might work but I have mine set at an even 3" just to be safe.

I discovered the problem area by spraying graphite on my whole blower wheel and seeing where the graphite was getting worn off. It was worn off right next to the spacer! I used my Demel and a carbide burr to remove a little bit of material from the plenum's opening at the 10:00 O'clock position and that solved the LOUD noise problem.

Also when you drill the 5 holes in the spacer use a 7/32" drill bit (the same size as the holes in the flange) and the larger holes will give you a bit more adjustment. And push the motor toward the driver's side when tightening the 5 screws.
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