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All of the C2 and C3 engines are offset 1-1/2" to the right because of the larger big blocks. The big block left side exhaust manifold is only 3/8" away from the rear of the upper control arm. They even have a dent in the exhaust manifold to provide a bit of additional clearance.

And the engines sit slightly crooked so the drive shaft is more centered in the tunnel and even then their driveshafts favor the right side of the tunnel.

Here's a picture of my ram air hood plate and you can clearly see how far the air cleaner opening is offset to the right side. Note the plate is upside down. It took me around 100 hours of 12 hours a day to fabricate my ram air but it was worth it as I now have both cold air and ram air because the air intake is in front of my radiator. At 60 mph I have 8" Wc pressure inside my air filter. As the air intake is up under the nose rain doesn't get sucked in so driving on rainy days isn't a problem.


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