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older car restorer here ... and finally got a c4 vette
there is a battery drain draw when ign off .. it will drain my Optima over night
replaced alt - it puts out 13-14 volts when running
replaced the starter and went through unplugging as many plugs as possible , removed all fuses
no luck ... still a draw
I was told by the seller that the instrument panal was recently re-soldered
the car is beautiful Red and all factory stock at 105 k :doh:
New Old Guy Lawrence from So Cal

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Switch the car off.
Disconnect the pos on battery
Put multimeter on amps and insert wire plugs on multimeter for current.
One lead on the battery terminal and the other lead on the loose cable and see how much current are being pulled?
Leave the meter on as described above.
Then pull your fuses one by one untill you see a difference...
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