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Best Seats for a C4

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I'm working on restoring a 1992 Convertable Corvette that I recently obtained. It is my first Corvette and I'm not all that familiar with them. It has standard seats that need new cusions/leather. I'm looking at upgrading them to the Sport Seat and purchasing a lumbar control/bladder/motor to go in it. It seems that I would be missing a metal sleave that the control goes in though. I'm also assuming that there are no other differences in the two seats? I noticed that some older Corvette seats had electric bolster adjustments as well. Would the Sport Seat frames for a 92 have these?

My questions is, If I want the best Corvette Seat (i.e. most adjustments) for the C4, what model should I put in it and will I need to get the frame as well.
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I know this isn't the answer to your question but I wanted to give you my two cents...

Whatever you do I would NOT recommend getting your seat covers from Zip Corvette. I've had great luck with their other products, I spent good money on mine and within 2 years the red faded to a sickly pink color.

Also, be aware if you replace the seat foams they are significantly stiffer than the old ones you're used to; you're going to sit a little higher than before and they're not going to be as comfortable. If yours are not too worn out I would try to reuse them. You'll save the money on new ones and retain the comfort and a**-contoured foam you've grown accustomed too.
Seats are one of the things that didn't change hardware wise. Aside from the bottom section on sport seats, left and right sides are interchangeable. For mine I found a set on ebay with a good pass (right) side and used it for my drivers (left) side. The seat tracks are also interchangeable.

I also found a rare set of sport seats for mine a couple years ago. Black 93 with the 40th logo and in near perfect condition. But have never used them. Mostly I think because before long, they'll be worth more than the car. That and the fact that the regular ones in it are perfect.

Are the Pass & Driver Seat Tracks Reversable?

Just picked up these bad boys on ebay...

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I woulda thought the sport seats were more comfortable. They look like they'll hold your *** in place better than the standard seats.
Haven't even tried mine, so I couldn't tell you. But for some, comfort is in the eye of the holder, as apposed to the butt.... :rofl:
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